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Wood floor sanding – DIY or call in the professionals?

If your wood floor has seen better days and is covered with scratches, scuffs and scrapes, it might be time to get it re-sanded. You have a couple of choices when it comes to floor sanding – you can do it yourself or you can call in a wood floor sanding specialist. But which is best? DIY floor sanding You can hire a floor sanding machine (The hire machines are not the same quality as our professional machines) yourself to re-sand your wood floors, but you need to be able to use it to end up…

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Kährs scoops 12th Hardwood Flooring Product of the Year award

Kährs, one of the leading wood flooring manufacturers in the UK and internationally, has managed to win the Hardwood Flooring Product of the Year prize at the CFJ/CFA Flooring Industry Awards. Whilst its entire range of multi-layered, environmentally friendly wooden flooring scooped Kährs the award for 2013, this isn’t the first time the company has been named Hardwood Flooring Product of the Year. To date, Kährs has a trophy cabinet packed full of no less than twelve of these…

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How to choose the most eco-friendly wood floor

When choosing fittings, finishes and furniture for their homes, modern consumers are looking for more than just aesthetics and value for money. They also want to be as eco-friendly as they can, which means making some careful decisions. If you have chosen wood flooring for your home, you have already taken the first step to creating an eco-friendly place to live. Wood is a natural, sustainable material, but it does need to be sourced in the right way and from the right places. Choosing the right…

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Why older wood floors may start to squeak and creak

A properly installed wood floor should be virtually silent to walk on, and it definitely shouldn’t creak or squeak. However, if you have an older wooden floor, you might start to notice excessive squeaking and creaking. Some people think these sounds add to the authenticity of hardwood floors, but for others, they can be a noisy nightmare. Here are a few of the possible reasons why older wood floors may start to creak or squeak: • The floor boards rub against one another. Solid wood naturally…

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Pergo floors offer amazing sound reduction – but just how do they do it?

Anyone who has ever had a Pergo laminate floor in their home cannot have failed to notice the incredible sound reductions these floor surfaces offer. Footsteps and other room noise can barely be heard, which makes Pergo floors perfect for shared buildings like office complexes and apartments. But just how do they do it? Pergo has 4 clever tricks up its sleeve when it comes to sound reduction: 1. SoundBloc. The manufacturer’s innovative technology consists of a sound reducing underlay material…

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Tips for laying Panaget strip flooring

Panaget strip flooring, one of the most popular wood flooring patterns offered by the manufacturer , can be laid in a couple of different directions. Whether you lay strips lengthways or widthways completely depends on the look you are going for with your wood flooring. However, there are some interior design rules of thumb that you should bear in mind before laying your Panaget wood floors, including the following: • Laying strip flooring lengthways will always make a room look longer, the…

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