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A closer look at the brand new Kährs Harmony collection

Kährs has recently announced that it has a brand new collection of natural hardwood floors, called the Harmony Collection. Harmony floors from Kährs are all made in Sweden, like many other of the manufacturer’s ranges, and they are made from European oak and ash from sustainable sources. There are a range of colour tones available to choose from, from the Oak Dew and Oak Frost floors with their cool, pale tones to dark, rich, earthy coloured floors such as Oak Smoke. One floor in…

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Add extra character to your home with Eiger Grande wood flooring

As you will know if you have been researching wood floors for your home or business, there are a few different widths of flooring planks to choose from. Three-strip floors, in which each board is made up of three narrow strips, is very popular in modern design schemes, but wider planks are starting to make a huge comeback. When to use wide plank floors Wide plank floors such as those from the stunning V4 Eiger Grande engineered wood floor range add a great deal of character and grandeur to a room.…

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Creating a feature bathroom with wood floors and a freestanding bath

Bathrooms don’t have to be pristine white and covered in tiles from wall to floor, but too many modern bathrooms stick to this uninspiring, conventional design. There is nothing to say that you can’t be a little more creative and innovate with your bathroom décor, and it all starts with the right floor covering and essential fixtures like the bath. People think that wood floors can’t be fitted in bathrooms, as they react badly to the moisture and humidity in these damp spaces. …

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Spacious hallways and parquet flooring are a perfect match

Parquet wood floors, with their ornate designs and complex patterning, can be perceived as old-fashioned for some contemporary spaces. However, they are ideal for some homes and commercial premises, particularly where there is a lot of space available or where the charm of a more authentic, traditional looking floor is desired. If you have a large, airy entrance hallway in your home and you aren’t sure which flooring material to use, the answer could be parquet flooring. A plain wood floor,…

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An introduction to Duo-Plank Flooring

If you have been scouring the market for new wood flooring for your home, it is likely that you have come across Duo-Plank. Not everyone knows about this innovative new product yet, but it could be perfect for your home so it’s worth finding out more about it. Duo-Plank was developed in the Netherlands, a country known for its precision engineering and exceptional standards of design and stability in the wood floor industry. Its defining feature is its wide planks, which are very popular amongst…

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