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How Kährs wood floors offer ‘beauty with a conscience’


The wood flooring manufacturer Kährs gives the tagline “beauty with a conscience” to its range of floors, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to providing sustainably sourced, environmentally-friendly products. If you are a consumer for whom eco-friendliness is a major concern when choosing a new product such as a floor covering for your home, wood is one of the best choices available. This is, of course, because wood is a renewable material that can be replaced within a certain…

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What mood will your wood floor create?


A big part of choosing a wood floor, or any décor for your home for that matter, is considering what kind of mood or atmosphere it will create in your home. Different colours and hues create different mood effects in a room, and the one you choose all depends on the atmosphere you want to create. For example, wood floors with: • Predominantly dark brown hues, as well as being very versatile, have a natural beauty and bring something of the great outdoors inside your home. This strong…

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The importance of taking the time to get it right

While there is no escaping the fact that wood flooring specialists – like any other business – are geared towards selling their products, it is in everybody’s interests to ensure the customer chooses the most suitable flooring for their home. Any respectable wood flooring supplier and installer would want to walk away from a sale knowing that the client is going to benefit from having a beautiful new floor fitted in their home, one that will continue to be at its best for many years…

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