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Get your wood flooring ready for winter


The dark nights have already set in and while temperatures have not dropped noticeably just yet, the fact that Bonfire Night is now over with for another year and the Christmas adverts have already begun means there is no escaping the reality that winter will soon be upon us. So as people gear up for more time spent in their homes and the unavoidable increase in heating bills, it is important to be prepared for the long winter months ahead. When it comes to wood flooring there is plenty you can do…

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Going for the modern rustic look?


Hardwood flooring is now available in a wide range of colours and characteristics, with styles to suit every type of home. From the light and calm feeling provided by maple and white oak to the darker walnut and jarrah, each with their own textures and individual appeal, the installation of a new wood floor can be used as part of a wider project. For those that want to make use of wood to create a modern rustic environment, it is amazing what can be done with reclaimed materials – as the book…

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Décor tips for light-coloured wood floors


Pale-toned wood floors are very popular right now, and you may have seen them in interior design magazines as a hot new trend. These floors are perfect for creating super-modern, minimalist spaces and if used correctly, they can be bright, informal and incredibly stylish. If pale floors are your thing, the new Nordic Light Scandinavian range from BOEN floors could be the ideal choice. Luckily, BOEN has come up with its own tips for decorating a space when using its light-coloured wood floors, available…

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Lacquer vs. oil – which is the best finish for your wood floor?


You might think that choosing a flooring product for your home – picking out a species of wood and a tone that suits you – is the hard part of buying wood flooring. However, you also need to choose a finish for your floor, and this can be a bit more complicated. There are two main options available: Lacquer Lacquer is a very popular wood floor finish, and this is because of its impressive durability and resistance to wear. Lacquer sits on top of the wood, unlike other finishes, and protects…

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