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Can wood flooring be considered environmentally-friendly?


In recent years there has been some debate as to the environmental impact of wood as a core commodity in developing nations like the United States, but what about the replenishment of forests and tree-growing prosperity? In this article we’ll consider some of the main arguments. Lumber industries aim to plant more new trees than they cut down, but the biggest concern is the time it takes for a mature tree to grow. In Europe there are stringent laws in place that regulate this and there have…

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The lasting benefits of multi-layer wood flooring


At Just Wood we supply wood flooring from leading names like Kahrs. This particular manufacturer is renowned for its patented engineered construction, with each piece made up of multiple layers. In this article we will be looking at reasons why multi-layer construction is said to last longer than solid wood flooring. A greater degree of stability This is the case even when ambient humidity and temperatures fluctuate according to the different seasons. The crossed layers counteract the timber’s…

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How to maintain and care for Kahrs lacquered flooring in a commercial setting


Those who have come across Kahrs wooden floors in the past will be aware of their excellent durability and the fact they are generally very easy to clean. With the right kind of maintenance the floor will continue to look at its best for many years to come. If you run a commercial establishment and have recently had Kahrs lacquered flooring fitted, it is only natural you would want to ensure it is kept in its optimum condition to keep the cost of maintenance down. In this post we’ll be suggesting…

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A look at American hardwood flooring trends


Across the pond, the housing market has recently started to recover and so has the demand for hardwood flooring, according to the American Hardwood Information Center. They have found that consumers are looking for flexibility and variety in their flooring options and so, with the range of hardwood species running the gamut of colour and satisfying the need for all different kinds of decors and decorating styles, it is no wonder these products are proving incredibly popular at the moment. Long-term…

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