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The benefits of oak flooring


When it comes to fitting hardwood flooring in your home, oak is consistently one of the most popular wood species to be chosen. But what exactly is it that makes oak such a popular choice when it comes to hardwood flooring? The following are a few of the main benefits offered by oak. It’s incredibly durable Deciding to have hardwood flooring fitted in your home requires a financial investment, so you want to make sure that the end result will be able to stand the test of time and look beautiful…

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Top tips for fixing scratches and dents in your hardwood floor


If you take proper care to maintain your hardwood floor, it will retain its original beauty for years to come. In previous posts, we have given some tips on how to maintain your floor, as well as steps to take to reduce the chance of something scratching or denting your floor. Unfortunately, some things are completely unavoidable, and your hardwood floor may undergo small amounts of damage through everyday use and wear and tear. If your floor does become slightly scratched or dents start to appear,…

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How to make a small room feel bigger


Everyone has that special room at home where they go to unwind after a long day at work. Perhaps it’s your bedroom, or maybe your lounge or study. Regardless of which room it is, you want it to be your own sanctuary, where you can forget all your troubles and simply relax. What if your room feels too small to relax or socialise in? This may put some people off and lead them to only visit their small room when absolutely necessary. This doesn’t need to be the case though. By following…

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Ash Wood Floors


We sell a wide selection of different types of wooden floors at Just Wood, but one of our popular types is ash wood flooring. It’s a hardwood that’s strong and durable and also provides a smooth finish. Ash Trees The ash tree is the most common tree in Britain today. It gets its name from the Old English word æsc which means spear. The ash tree is not only tall and straight like a spear but its wood is strong and was used to craft spears and other weapons. The ash is a member of…

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Types of Wooden Flooring


At Just Wood our beautiful floors come in a number of different woods that all have their own beauty, strengths and characteristics. Ash Ash is a very strong wood, approximately 10% harder than oak, and has a number of uses, including furniture and sports equipment as well as flooring. Ash is light coloured, ranging from white to medium brown and provides a fresh look. Beech Native to Britain, the beech tree provides strong wood that’s about the same strength as oak. It’s durable, hardwearing…

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Natural movement in hardwood flooring


Wood is a beautiful, natural material, and when used as flooring can totally transform your home, instantly adding value. If you are considering having hardwood flooring fitted in your home, or if you already have it, it is important to acknowledge and accept that this is a natural, living material, and may undergo certain environmental changes. The boards that make up your hardwood floor will, over their lifetime, be subject to expansion and contraction, and this is perfectly natural. While there…

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Wooden Floor Sanding


Wooden flooring makes a beautiful addition to any home, giving it a rustic yet fresh look. However, taking care of wooden flooring can be difficult, especially if you’re dealing with old or worn wood. Sanding floors is perhaps one of the most important tasks to undertake if you have wood floors. Sanding keeps wood floors smooth, removing any splinters that can be dangerous. It also keeps them gleaming instead of being caked in dirt. Sanding wooden floors by hand can be incredibly difficult…

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How to avoid chipping your hardwood floor


The beauty, elegance, and touch of class you will begin to notice after having hardwood flooring fitted in your home is second to none. With proper care, attention, and maintenance, your floor will last a lifetime, adding significant value to your home. After deciding to invest in beautiful hardwood flooring, you will want to do everything in your power to ensure it retains its original appeal. Over time, however, it is completely natural that your floor will undergo every day wear and tear and may…

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