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How to wax your hardwood floor


While hardwood flooring is beautiful in its own right, some people may choose to add a certain finish to their floor. Hardwood floors are subject to everyday wear and tear from foot traffic, as well as from being exposed to the elements, so adding a finish can provide an added layer of protection, as well as adding to the aesthetic appeal of the wood. There are a range of different types of finish you can add to your floor, and different finishes may be better for different types of wood. Wax is…

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Regaining character in a period property


For people looking to purchase a home, period properties can carry a lot of appeal. Period properties provide you with a unique place to live, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. For some people though, period properties may seem too old fashioned, and may not seem as attractive as a modern, state of the art house or apartment. However, for those who are fans of history and classic architecture, a period property could be the perfect place to live. A period property will already have a lot…

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Hardwood flooring vs. Carpet


When it comes to flooring for your home, the two most popular choices have always been carpet or hardwood. While recent years have seen more options becoming slightly more popular, none of them ever really come close to these two. So for people decorating a new home, or redecorating their current home, the big question is often which type of flooring to choose. For some, the decision will be a practical, functional choice, whereas others will make the choice based on aesthetics and personal preference.…

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Entertaining guests with hardwood flooring


Having hardwood flooring installed can completely change the look of your home, giving it a feeling of luxury and class. Whenever you have friends or family around, whether this is for a full-on dinner party or just a quick cup of tea and a catch up, your beautiful hardwood flooring will be one of the first things they will notice upon arrival. If you find yourself entertaining guests on a regular basis, you will of course want to show off your home’s best features, but at the same time you…

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Protecting Wooden Floors


Real hardwood floors can not only make your home look beautiful but also increase the value of it and help it sell better. But it’s important to keep wooden floors in good condition so they don’t look worn and tired. But don’t worry; this is not difficult to do. Here at Just Wood we offer a few suggestions that, if you undertake them, will keep your wood floors in excellent condition. Avoid Water on Wood Floors Water can be very damaging to hardwood floors; it can not only mark…

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