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Why Does Your Kitchen Need Oak Wood Flooring?


If you’re looking to add a little luxury and warmth to your kitchen then the perfect way to do it is with oak wood flooring. While you may think the most obvious choice for kitchen flooring is typically hard wearing tiles or natural stone, wooden floors definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. With the right kind of wood, along with correct installation and care, hardwood flooring can not only add a distinct style to your kitchen, but it can be durable enough to last a lifetime. Traffic coming…

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Transform Your Lounge with Hardwood Flooring


If you are considering a complete makeover of your lounge then your choice of floor covering is pivotal. Many people are abandoning traditional carpets and going for hardwood flooring for its practical, hard-wearing qualities and there are many good reasons for this. Why Choose Hardwood Flooring? Whilst carpets or rugs are undoubtedly cosy they can be troublesome to keep clean. No matter how often you vacuum and shampoo them you will always, over time, find a gradual build-up of dirt and discolouration.…

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