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5 Reasons Hardwood Flooring Can Help Update Your Home Before The New Year

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching you may be looking round your house and thinking it could do with a makeover. Floors are areas that are often overlooked but a careful choice of floor could be all you need to spruce up your home in the New Year.

Hardwood flooring lasts a lifetime

Professionally installed hardwood floor might never need replacing. It is a stylish choice that has been used in houses for centuries simply because it is hardwearing and easily maintained. Hardwood floors naturally age well and colours mellow and deepen, but when it starts looking a little tired it can be easily sanded and refinished to bring it back to life.
Hardwood flooring adds value to your home Hardwearing, low maintenance and glamorous hardwood flooring is a desirable addition to your home. Seen as a luxury flooring material by many potential buyers it adds that extra bit of style to any room and enhances its appearance.

You can match your style

Hardwood floors can be bold and striking with prominent grain patterns or they can be blank canvasses on which to display exotic rugs or luxurious furniture. Many woods used in Hardwood Flooring lend themselves well to being laid in intricate patterns offering even greater choice. Whether you are looking to finish a cosy cottage style lounge or a minimalist industrial inspired kitchen there is a hardwood floor for you.

Hardwood floors are warmer than tiles...

Wood is a natural insulator so will feel warm to the touch, unlike tiled surfaces that don't hold the heat well. Being an insulator it will also help keep the heat in the room. And if you're thinking you can't install a wood floor because you want underfloor heating then think again. Modern floors can be compatible with underfloor heating.

...And easier to clean than carpet

A quick sweep with a soft broom (or a normal vacuum cleaner with the brushes switched off) is all your floor needs on a day-to-day basis. Spills are easily wiped up with a cloth and stains can be sanded out if needed.
If you've been inspired to update your floor before the New Year don't hesitate to get in contact with Just Wood today.


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