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Add extra character to your home with Eiger Grande wood flooring

As you will know if you have been researching wood floors for your home or business, there are a few different widths of flooring planks to choose from. Three-strip floors, in which each board is made up of three narrow strips, is very popular in modern design schemes, but wider planks are starting to make a huge comeback.

When to use wide plank floors

Wide plank floors such as those from the stunning V4 Eiger Grande engineered wood floor range add a great deal of character and grandeur to a room. This is why they are used in hallways, large dining rooms and wide open spaces, so as to make a grand, impressive statement.

However, you don’t have to have huge rooms to enjoy wide plank floors. In fact, these floors can actually make smaller rooms look much bigger, especially if laid in the direction of the light. You can also use these floors to even out the proportions of a room.

The engineered design makes floors like the Eiger Grande as strong and versatile as solid wood floors. At the same time, thanks to its beautiful natural appearance, it’s impossible to tell the difference between these floors and solid hardwood floors, except the engineered is far more stable and also perfect for underfloor heating.

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