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Advice for those with hardwood flooring and pets in the home

Pets can be great companions to have around the home as they can bring a great amount of joy to their owners. However, householders should be aware that when it comes to wooden flooring, just like with expensive furniture and ornaments, care still needs to be taken in this regard.

For those with cats and dogs in the home, it is important to clean up any urine or spillages on the beautiful floor as soon as possible so that it does not dry and possibly damage the surface of the floor.

To do this, you should ideally use the cleaner recommended by the floor manufacturer and use a soft cloth that will not scratch the floor finish.

When it comes to the pet scratching the floor, there are a few preventative measures you can take. One is to have some kind of ventilated floor covering like a rug or mat in place on certain areas of the floor. The other recommended solution is to ensure the nails of the pet are trimmed on a regular basis. Otherwise, the sharp nails could scratch or dent the floor’s surface.

By being aware of these things can ensure your floor has a long life and is always looking at its very best.

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