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Advice on cleaning a pre-finished hardwood floor (Part 1)

Hardwood flooring is able to bring a really unique look to a home. It can add a touch of elegance to any setting – as long as it is well maintained. In these articles we will provide some guidance on keeping a pre-finished hardwood clean and at its best.

To ensure the floor remains as beautiful as it was when it was first installed you will need to look after it in the right way. With pre-finished floors, the polyurethane coating (which was applied before the flooring was fitted) needs to be treated accordingly.

For this lifetime investment to last as long as you would expect it to, you need to be practical in ensuring its longevity. The following tips can prove helpful when going about your regular cleaning routine:

The general dirt and debris that can accumulate on such a floor can be swept by using a soft broom. By doing this on an on-going basis, you can prevent this dirt from getting trodden into the floor, thus making it harder to clean later on. Another way to keep the floor free from dirt is to use a light vacuum cleaner.

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