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Advice on cleaning a pre-finished hardwood floor (Part 4)

As we near the end of this series of blog posts on the best way to go about cleaning pre-finished hardwood flooring, it is worth reiterating the fact that the advice given by the floor fitters, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, should always take precedent over any other tips you should pick up relating to the cleaning of your beautiful new floor.

One option in maintaining your wooden flooring is to contemplate using a floor refresher. This can assist you in reviving any areas of the floor which may possibly have dulled.

Steam cleaning is yet another method of cleaning such a floor that has been found to be quite effective, but with caution as it can leave excessive moisture on the floor.

A piece of advice about the floor itself is to be careful not to miss the corners of the room as they are frequently forgotten about during a weekly cleaning routine.

Be careful when moving furniture around though as you would not want the bases of these household items to drag and scratch the surface of the pristine floor.

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