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Advice on cleaning a pre-finished hardwood floor (Part 5)

In our last article on this topic, we will be explaining how householders can go about cleaning pre-finished hardwood flooring which has been installed in a kitchen environment.

To maintain hygiene, a kitchen floor should always be kept clean in any case. However, if a wooden floor has been fitted in this room, it may need to be mopped more than once per week (as you would usually expect to do with floors in other rooms of the home). This can be done with a damp mop, or you could opt for a floor cleaning product (after considering the guidance in our previous blog posts).

As well as mopping, the kitchen floor can also be swept with a broom to stop dirt from being able to build up on the surface of the floor.

For stains which are harder to remove, you may wish to use a small amount of undiluted cleaning product and gently rub this on the stain using a cloth. It should gradually disappear without any excessive pressure being added.

The final option would be to purchase a comprehensive kit, designed for use with pre-finished hardwood flooring to make this task much easier to complete.

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