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Be careful carrying out wood flooring maintenance work (Part 2)

For wood flooring engineers who carry out floor installations and maintenance work on a regular basis, they will understand all about the need to take care with this type of work.

This is not just because of the unknown dangers involved with working at different types of premises and getting used to a range of situations. This trade requires engineers to protect themselves before attempting any maintenance tasks.

Face masks are very important when sanding floors due the dust also when using some finishes, vapour filters can be used to minimise the inhalation of any potentially harmful fumes. We also recommend the use of ear defenders when using the hardwood floor sanding equipment.

There are also knee shields you can buy to help protect your knees when working on wood floors. These are recommended for those who have to kneel down a lot as part of their work.

When you are about to apply a particular finish to hardwood flooring, be sure to check that the product does not contain anything that would be harmful to the skin. Rubber gloves can be used to look after the hands in these situations.

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