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Belgian college reinvents student housing thanks to Quick-Step floors

From an architectural and design standpoint, student halls and housing aren’t usually the most inspiring places. However, one university college in Belgium is doing its best to reinvent the concept of student housing, with a little help from Quick-Step floors.

Some time ago, the KATHO university college in Kortrijk launched a project to re-think the idea of student housing. It has now created a mobile housing terminal called HUB-01 to showcase its innovative ideas. The hub features a number of moveable units connected to a central hub, which houses living areas as well as the kitchen, shower room and other communal spaces. All of these units are self-sufficient, as they have their own solar panels and heat pumps.

Around the central hub are personalised, themed rooms, including one very special space – the Back 2 Basics room. In this space, which celebrates nature and ecology, all the walls and the floor are made from premium Quick-Step flooring. The floor, a laminate rather than solid wood floor, is laid in a chequered pattern for a warm, modern and very inviting finish.

The KATHO project, along with Quick-Step flooring, hopes to inspire other colleges and universities across the world to use design to innovate their learning processes, and hopefully it will succeed.

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