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Birch vs. beech wood flooring – which is best for your home?

There are a huge number of different woods you can choose for the hardwood flooring in your home, but beech and birch, along with oak, are among the most popular choices especially in Scandinavian countries and interiors inspired by Nordic design.

People often get beech and birch confused, and this is understandable considering that their names sound similar, they grow in similar climates and they both can be found in similar parts of the world.  However, this confusion can make choosing between them when buying your new hardwood floor a little tricky.

To clear things up and help you work out which wood is best for you and your home, here is a quick comparison of beech and birch woods.

Birch wood

Birch wood, found in Canada and in the north and north-east of the United States, is known for its stiffness and its impressive resistance to shock, which of course makes it great for wood floors. You can also identify birch wood by its yellowish, creamy tones and reasonably straight grain. Compared to oak in terms of hardness, birch is about 25% softer.

Beech wood

Beech wood, found in the same kinds of places as birch wood, is pale in colour but can come in pink and amber tones. Straight grained and with a hard surface, beech is also a good choice for wood floors. It is about the same hardness as oak, and it has a uniform appearance that suits modern décor very well.

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