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Boen achieve A and A+ ratings for VOC emissions

Hardwood flooring manufacturer Boen has proudly revealed that their flooring now bears the ‘A’ grade for low VOC emissions.

From the beginning of January France was the first European country to adopt building regulations which limit the total number of VOC emissions on any building project. Because of this flooring manufacturers who supply wooden flooring in France have to obtain a classification rating for their products which is graded between A+ and C.

The A grade certification was awarded to Boen’s multilayer solid wood, whereas their parquet achieved a commendable A+.

It is becoming more important to understand how air contaminants can affect our health, so measures taken to improve indoor air quality are always welcome. Thus choosing a floor covering which has proven low VOC emissions can contribute to this markedly.

Most people spend a great deal of their time in the home, however many of these homes contain substances such as allergens which may affect their health. Things such as dust, pet dander, mould and chemicals which are found in carpets and on furniture can cause problems, however when you use wooden flooring as a floor covering most of these impurities can be reduced compared to when using carpet.

Boen’s A+ grade rating for its parquet wooden floor has less than half the VOC emissions as specified by current EU standards. Contact Justwood flooring for all your Boen flooring needs.

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