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Bring more warmth to a room with walnut wood flooring

Walnut is a wood with many qualities which make it an ideal choice for flooring. When you have made the decision to go ahead with genuine wooden flooring, walnut will make for an excellent flooring solution for your home.

This is because the warm brown shades of the floor are able to create a certain mood in a room which is relaxed and welcoming. The elegant grain of the wood is there for all to see and so if you are looking for something that is truly special, then walnut is certainly a great wood type to consider.

As the winter nights are drawing in you will be glad you can relax in a chair and admire the beautifully dark chocolate brown of the heartwood within the floor. Walnut has the unique ability of making a room seem very cosy, especially when the weather outside is cold and miserable.

In terms of interior design, this wood is timeless and is always at the forefront when it comes to selecting a flooring type that is trend-proof and brings a certain quality to modern rooms. You might want to match it with lighter-coloured furniture options, using it to great effect.

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