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Can hardwood flooring be restored to its former elegance?

Many householders have become so accustomed to their once-great wooden floors now looking so dull and devoid of life they just assume this is just something they have to put up with. However, any specialist hardwood flooring company will tell you that restoration not only is achievable, but the original brilliance of the floor can be returned too.

In fact, once restoration work has been carried out on the hardwood flooring then this state can be preserved for a very long time to come. We will be using the rest of this article to explain how the floor can be polished and made to look great again.

Sand the floor to a fine finish going through a minimum of three different grades of paper to achieve a high quality finish, both on the edging machine and the main floor sander. Scrape out the corners and around the radiator pipes etc. by hand.

When the floors have been sanded but prior to applying the finish, screen the floor with a mesh pad on our floor buffer to achieve grain uniformity in order to absorb the lacquer/stain evenly. This is especially important on patterned parquet flooring to ensure any cross grain marks are removed. Vacuum, and apply one coat of primer lacquer. When this has dried, apply first top coat, buff the floor to remove any raised grain. Vacuum, and apply a further one coat of lacquer, giving a total of three coats.

The wooden flooring experts in Hampshire can be relied upon to ensure this is the case and the re-sanding and re-finishing work they carry out is of the highest standard. As well as this, you can also do your bit to keep the floor in such a prime condition looking ahead into the future.

Cleaning and polishing the floor on a regular basis is how you can maintain the exceptional work the engineers have performed on the floor to keep it at that esteemed level of grandeur.

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