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Can I expect my newly fitted floor to move now it is autumn?

When having a wooden floor fitted in your property it is essential you understand from the outset that as timber is a living material will still respond to its environment even though it is not part of a tree any longer.

Therefore, as we move from the summer to the autumn and the temperature naturally gets cooler, you should anticipate some movement from your recently installed hardwood flooring.

This is due to the fact it adapts to the environment where it resides, just like it would in its natural habitat. The wood floor can be expected to respond to the humidity, light and temperature of the room where it has been fitted, while the amount of usage will also have a bearing on this too.

If you are concerned about how long the floor will take to settle, rest assured that genuine wooden flooring will take around four seasons before it is fully settled into its environment. So as we move into a new season, there may be some noticeable movements in the floorboards.

In the next article we will look at other factors to take into account with regards to the bedding in period of your new hardwood floor.

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