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Can strong smells and stains ever be removed from wood flooring?

It is certainly true that while everyday dirt and spillages on the hardwood floor can be cleaned quite easily and without any problems whatsoever, when it comes to more difficult stains, people do tend to worry.

Even though these concerns are genuine, as you would not want to invite guests round to your beautiful home only to find they are put off by the odour coming from the room where the flooring is laid, there is no need to panic.

This is because removing the toughest stains is achievable, especially when left in the hands of the hardwood flooring specialists in Surrey. You can even learn how to do this yourself and should it ever occur again in the future, you will now know what to do with accidental spillages on the floor.

When the strong stain is caused by something like pet urine, juice or coffee, it is advisable not to let the substance penetrate the wood finish and reach the wood itself. How you would approach cleaning the stain however depends on whether it is just a surface stain or if it has gone deeper.

This will allow you to choose the safest cleaning method for your floor, but speak to the experts if you are in any doubt.

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