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Care and maintenance tips for Boen wood floors

All hardwood floors require a certain amount of cleaning and maintenance in order to keep them looking pristine and to ensure they last for longer.

If you have a floor from the Boen range, the way you look after it depends on what finish you have chosen. The following are finish-specific tips for cleaning and caring for Boen wood floors.

Natural oil and Ecoline oil finished floors

A natural oil finish penetrates deep into the wood, to improve the look of the floor and to nourish the material. Ecoline oil does a similar job, but differs from natural oil in that it is a finishing product cured by UV light rather than oxygen.

To keep floors finished with oil clean, you should remove dirt and dust using a cylinder vacuum cleaner or broom. Use Boen floor soap and slightly damp mop for more extensive cleaning, and freshen up the appearance of the oiled finish by treating it with a Boen oil product occasionally. 

Matt lacquer finished floors

Matt lacquered floors look similar to oiled floors but the natural-looking finish also provides more protection against moisture, spills and stains. Cleaning of these floors can be done with a broom or vacuum cleaner, along with a Boen cleaning product to damp mop the floor. These floors will also need to be occasionally treated with a Boen polish matt product to refresh worn out polish. When applying this product, you need to clean the floor and remove all residue from its surface.

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