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Choose oak wood flooring for that rustic look

It is really no wonder that oak is the number one choice for many homeowners looking for a flooring solution that meets a wide range of criteria.

For those wishing to find the right balance between creating that authentic rustic appearance in their homes and getting something that will last for a long time to come, then oak is certainly a type of wood that can deliver on both these stipulations.

With so many types of wood flooring to choose from these days it can be quite mind boggling to find the perfect colour and style for a particular room. But if you have already made your mind up to opt for a solution which gives you the feeling of the countryside, selecting oak floors can save you a lot of deliberation in this regard; they can also be stunning in a more contemporary interior, especially with a mix of modern materials and traditional Oak to give a fresh non clinical look.

However, you still get to choose between various shades of wood, such as the red oak and white oak varieties, each offering their own qualities. You can decide on the type of finishes which really fits in with your room.

As a country-style option, lighter-coloured oak boards will ensure that your home renovation project proves to be successful and you have chosen flooring with character as well as one which is proven to be durable.

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