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Choosing the right solid wood floor for your room (Part 2)

We have recently been trying to guide you in what to take into account when selecting the best floor for your application. As well as the practicalities of fitting hardwood flooring in your home, there are other things to consider in terms of the aesthetics.

In addition to the functionality of the floor, ideally you would be looking for something well-suited to your tastes and a product that is able to create a special atmosphere within your property.

Getting that unique look while providing a certain feel is all about the colour, style, grading and surface finish of the floor. You need to ensure the right balance between these things to be able to enjoy the perfect floor for your home.

When it comes to colour, you will soon see that each species of timber offers its own benefits. As for grading, the type you opt for will have particular characteristics in terms of colour variations and knots.

Style is going to be another influencing factor as you need to think about whether long wide boards are appropriate to make a room seem bigger, or if you want to create more of a busier feel to the room go for a narrower board.

Finally, we have the surface finish. With this you need to determine whether you prefer a subtle, low sheen or a hard, shiny surface instead. You can also choose between a smooth or grainy feel to the wood flooring as well.

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