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Cleaning and care tips for Havwoods lacquered wood floors

As well as choosing the species of wood you would like, you will also need to choose a finish when you buy a new wood floor. One of the most popular choices is lacquer, a finish used in many Havwoods floors.

Lacquer is normally a polyurethane coating applied to the surface of wood floors to form a hard and resilient coating. It is designed to protect the pores of the wood from moisture ingress as well as dirt. However, like all wood floor finishes, lacquered floors have to be looked after in a certain way.

To clean your lacquer-finished Havwoods floors, follow these tips:

• Loose debris and dust on the surface of lacquered wood floors should be regularly brushed or vacuumed up to prevent it scratching and wearing away the finish
• You should avoid using steam mops, cleansers or conditioners on lacquered wooden floors – only use a slightly damp micro-fibre mop
• The best way to clean a lacquer-finished floor using moisture is to fill a pump spray bottle with water and gently mist the surface of the floor, before using a micro-fibre cloth to dry the floor and remove any marks or stains.

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