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Cleaning the surface of your hardwood floors (Part 1)

When you have just invested in a beautiful hardwood floor in one or more rooms within your home the last thing you would ever dream of doing is damaging the floor. However, while nobody does this on purpose, sometimes people unwittingly go about cleaning it the wrong way.

In these two articles we will be taking a look at a few scenarios that should be avoided with floor cleaning as well as providing advice on what you should be doing instead.

Firstly, although it sounds obvious, it is still worth pointing out that the cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer are always best as they are designed for this particular type of wood flooring.

In situations where you are unsure what cleaning products can be applied to your floor, remember that water does not go well with wood. Too much water can really affect the surface of the floor as well as seeping into the wood, causing it to swell up. When cleaning the hardwood surface, it is advisable to ensure the mop is only slightly damp.

For those thinking of using a vacuum cleaner on the floor, bear in mind that certain parts, such as beater bars, can damage the surface of the flooring. Therefore, try to use the right type of nozzle for the attachment.

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