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Cleaning the surface of your hardwood floors (Part 2)

We have been discussing how to go about cleaning wooden flooring, as well as pointing out some of the things people often do with the best intentions, but end up causing damage to the floor’s surface.

Here are a few more pointers to consider when going about cleaning the surface of hardwood flooring:

Do not use furniture polish or regular household dust treatments on these kinds of floors. Otherwise, the finish can easily be dulled, while the slippery surface can prove to be quite dangerous to walk on too.

Prevention is always better than the cure, so do all you can to make sure the room layout is such that the floor can be cleaned without any problems. By this we mean that mats can be placed at entrances and exits to prevent sand and dirt being ground into the floor. Ventilated area rugs can also be used in these situations to protect the hardwood flooring and keep cleaning to a minimum.

If you have pets, you really need to avoid letting them scratch the surface with their long nails and don’t allow any urine to dry on the floor as this can also damage the surface too. Protective pads can also stop the furniture from scratching away the finish.

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