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Create a new look for your hall with wood flooring

Your hallway is the first place any visitors to your home will see, so it needs to make the right first impression. More importantly than this, the hallway is the first place that you see when you get home at the end of a hard day. It needs to be welcoming and attractive, and it needs to feel like home.

Flooring plays a big part in how your hallway looks, and this is partly because it makes up so much of the space. Two of the best options you can choose if you want to create a new look for your hallway are wood flooring and parquet flooring.

Parquet flooring

People choose parquet for their hallways because it is rich, characterful and impressive looking, with its geometric patterns and expensive-looking finish. However, parquet is also a practical choice. This is because it is hard-wearing, making it ideal for high traffic places such as the hallway.

Plank Wood flooring

Like parquet, plank wood flooring is hard-wearing, attractive and full of character. It can also be re-sanded time and time again, making it last for decades to come. Plank Wood flooring is also available in many species and tones, so you can choose a light shade to brighten up a dark hallway or opt for rich, dark tones to create a grand first impression.

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