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Create a sultry living room with dark oak flooring

A home which looks sultry is generally a home which looks incredibly stylish, and there are now many great ways in which this look can be achieved.

Although there are lots of smaller décor items which can contribute to a sultry look, it’s often larger areas of décor which are most effective at creating this look and ambience- with flooring being one such area.

However sultry the rest of décor may look, if floors are covered with brightly coloured or patterned carpets, the combination isn’t likely to be an overly sultry one.

Flooring doesn’t come much more sultry that dark wooden flooring- with dark oak styles proving extremely popular at the moment.

Oak flooring has been firm floor favourite for a number of centuries now, with darker styles renowned for offering timeless, sultry style.

Since its humble beginnings, dark oak flooring has evolved massively, and there are now dark oak flooring options available in a great choice of different shades.

One of the numerous bonuses of dark oak flooring is that it can complement the look of almost any other styles and types of décor- so it’s certainly a good place to start when creating a sultry, stylish home.

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