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Creating a feature bathroom with wood floors and a freestanding bath

Bathrooms don’t have to be pristine white and covered in tiles from wall to floor, but too many modern bathrooms stick to this uninspiring, conventional design. There is nothing to say that you can’t be a little more creative and innovate with your bathroom décor, and it all starts with the right floor covering and essential fixtures like the bath.

People think that wood floors can’t be fitted in bathrooms, as they react badly to the moisture and humidity in these damp spaces.  However, if you choose the right product and protect it properly, wood or laminate floors can a great choice.  It can help to create a traditional and unusual feature bathroom, where the natural beauty of the wood makes the space relaxing, soothing and not without a dash of rustic charm.

If you want wood in the bathroom, go for a floor with a water-resistant finish or a laminated floor specially designed for the bathroom such as the Quick-Step Lagune.

On top of this stunning natural-looking material, add a freestanding bath to really make your bathroom a feature of your home. Place your new tub in the centre of the space, so as to really draw the eye, and then start enjoying your unique new bathroom.

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