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Deciding on real wood flooring for the home

There are many options nowadays when it comes to choosing wood flooring for one or more rooms in your house. As well as the various laminate and engineered wooden floor choices available, many people still opt for solid wood flooring.

People will have their own reasons for going for solid wood as their desired material for the flooring in their home, but what exactly is it, and why is it so appealing?

With solid wood flooring, each individual board is made out of a single piece of wood and then installed using tongue-and-groove. When considering the type of wood to go for, you can check out its hardness score – assessing its ability to withstand damage such as dents, plus general usage.

A great thing about solid wood flooring is that its finish can be restored once it starts to dull. It can also be sanded back a number of times during its lifetime.

This natural and beautiful looking flooring option is suitable for installation anywhere where the atmosphere is relatively constant, such as in living areas and hallways.

Speak to the wood flooring experts about how real wood flooring, when fitted properly, is incredibly appealing and able to truly enhance the look of the home.

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