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Décor tips for light-coloured wood floors

Pale-toned wood floors are very popular right now, and you may have seen them in interior design magazines as a hot new trend. These floors are perfect for creating super-modern, minimalist spaces and if used correctly, they can be bright, informal and incredibly stylish.

If pale floors are your thing, the new Nordic Light Scandinavian range from BOEN floors could be the ideal choice. Luckily, BOEN has come up with its own tips for decorating a space when using its light-coloured wood floors, available in everything from Ash White and Ash Polar to Beech White and Maple Canadian.

The manufacturer suggests:

• Harmonising pale wood floors with fresh, strong colours
• Using bold blue and white tones
• Incorporating furniture and surfaces which use glass (i.e. glass-topped coffee tables, mirrors etc.) into your decor for a modern look
• Experimenting with concrete materials and light wood floors for a more ‘urban’ look
• Making good use of both natural and artificial light, as a pale-coloured floor without the right lighting can look too cool and clinical
• Paring back décor and limiting use of colour to complement pale-toned floors and create stylish, minimalist design schemes
• Grey’s, charcoals and whites look fantastic in the latest “New England” look.


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