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Essential information about wood types pt.1

Hardwood flooring can be made from many different species of wood, and it can be difficult to choose one for your home or business flooring project.

To help you make up your mind, here is a quick guide to each of the main types of wood used to make hardwood flooring (continued in part 2):

• Oak. The most commonly used type of wood for furniture and hardwood flooring, oak has a long, straight grain and comes in a range of tones and colours. It is a hard, strong, versatile and very beautiful species of wood.

• Ash. This is a very strong species of hardwood (one that is even harder than oak) and that usually comes in a very pale colour. Ash generally has a few discreet knots and other characteristics, along with fine brown streaks. As well as hardwood flooring, ash is also used to make furniture and tools.

• Beech. In addition to being very hard and strong, beech is known for being resistant to impact. It also has a straight grain, pale to reddish brown colouring and very warm, golden overtones. Beech ages beautifully, making it perfect for hardwood floors in family homes.

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