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Find a permanent fix for your poorly fitted squeaky wood floor!

If the constant squeaking and other annoying noises coming from your hardwood flooring when you walk on it is starting to really grate you now, it is time you got it sorted once and for all.

In the majority of instances, this issue is caused due to the separation of the three main wood floor parts; the finished hardwood, the subfloor and the joist. What may have happened is that the nails keeping them together are becoming free to move around on poorly fitted floors. The boards let out a squeak when dust accumulates in these nail holes.

One temporary measure you can use is to use graphite, wax and talc, but it would be better to go for something more permanent. This cannot be achieved through having it sanded and refinished either.

Speak to the wood flooring experts and they will tell you that some seasonal shifts in the boards are to be expected anyhow, and so it is advisable to ensure the temperature is maintained at a constant. The humidity level should be kept between 40 and 60 per cent throughout the year. By doing this you can prepare the right conditions for the floor.

Should squeaking still be present, you will probably need to get in touch with a reputable contractor to ensure the nails have been installed correctly and the subfloor was suitably prepared at the outset. If not, they can sort this problem for you, leaving you with wood flooring without the noise.

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