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Get that rustic look with hand-scraped wood floors

Wood flooring is tremendously versatile, meaning that it can be used in all sorts of design schemes. As there are so many species of wood and so many different finishes and styles, you can use wood floors for anything from minimalist, modern décor to traditional, country-style rooms.

When it comes to creating a charming rustic look in your home, oak is one of the best species to choose for your wood floor. However, any species of wood with plenty of natural character, including burrs, knots and other unique features will be perfect.

The finish is also very important if you want a traditional-looking floor full of character and warmth. At the moment, hand-scraping is a really popular finish for rustic wood floors, used by leading manufacturers such as V4 and Woodpecker.

For those who haven’t heard of it, hand-scraping is a finishing technique for wood floors that is designed to give it an artfully aged and distressed look. With this technique, each plank is scraped by hand to create irregular grooves and ridges that add warmth and depth to the flooring but whilst still being smooth to the touch.

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