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Get your Merbau wood flooring installed before Christmas

If you have left it till now to carry out your home renovations and need a hardwood flooring solution to put the finishing touches to the project, you might want to go with something stable that offers a deep rich reddish brown colour.

Merbau wood is perfect as a flooring type because in addition to being one of the hardest floors you can buy, its beautiful appearance makes it look absolutely amazing at this time of year.

As Christmas approaches you can dream of having this flooring fitted and in place for when you get your tree and start to put up all your decorations. You just need to decide on a particular tone.

Should you opt for the lighter end of the scale it is more towards yellow than orange-brown, but over time will darken to either reddish brown or brown. The graining makes your floor unique as it could be wavy or straight.

One of the great things about this wood, which is often used to make instruments and cabinets, is that when it has been sanded, the yellow flecking on the surface makes it seem like it has been speckled with gold. This gives it a truly special finish which is apt for the festive season.

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