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Getting your home ready for wood floors pt.1

Unlike carpets and other flooring materials, solid wood flooring cannot simply be delivered to any home and installed right away. There is a small amount of preparation you or your flooring fitter must do to ensure that the floor will be fitted correctly and will last you for years.

Woodpecker Flooring, the manufacturers of premium solid wood flooring, offers these pre-delivery tips for homeowners planning to get wood floors fitted (continued in part 2):

1. Ensure the building is watertight. This only really applies to new builds where wood floors are being fitted, where it is essential that windows and doors are fitted and watertight and the building is fully dried out.  All mist coat decorating, concreting and plastering must also have been completed and allowed time to dry properly.

2. Prepare the sub-floor. This is the surface on which your wood floor will be laid, so it must be in good condition. You may need to call in a professional to check the structural condition of the sub-floor and to inspect it for insect infestation, fungal problems and damp rot with timber sub-floors. Concrete screed sub-floors also need to be checked for moisture and flatness.

See part 2 of this guide for more tips on getting your home ready for wood flooring.

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