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Give your home a fresh new spring look with wood flooring

As spring inches nearer and nearer and we start to see more of the sun, many of us start to take a closer look at our homes too. As the sunlight pours in and the mood in the house lifts after the winter gloom, it might be time to give your home a little spring makeover.

There are lots of things you can do to give your home, or even just one room of it, a fresh new look in time for spring. You can add a fresh coat of paint or buy new furnishings, but the change that will make the most difference is brand new hardwood flooring.

Light-toned wood floors can seem like the obvious choice for spring, as it reflects the lighter, brighter feel of the room. However, a light brown or chocolate shade finished with a top-quality lacquer or satin/gloss hardwax oil, can also be a great choice, as it reflects the natural light and offers a shiny luxe finish.

It may be a bit of an investment, but the wood flooring you buy this spring will last you for many, many seasons after this one. With this in mind, make sure you choose a design you absolutely love, as you will be seeing a lot of it!

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