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Give your wood flooring time to adapt to its environment

Despite the fact that the newly-installed wood flooring in your home is no longer part of a growing tree, it is still a living material which will respond to its environment. Therefore, when you have just had a new wooden floor fitted, there are a few things you really need to bear in mind relating to its care.

No matter what species of wood flooring you have had installed in your living room or other area of your home, it is necessary to maintain it to ensure it is kept looking beautiful and at its best.

It is important to remember that the wood will respond to many things, including temperature, humidity and light, as well as general wear. The key point not to forget is that a genuine wooden floor can take at least four seasons before it is fully settled.

So it is not unusual for the floor to take time to adapt to this setting. During this period you can expect to notice some floorboard movement, with gaps opening up. This is due to the changing of seasons at different times of the year as well as heating usage within the home.

If you notice colour changes as well, there is certainly no need to worry as this is all part of the natural process where the wood reacts to oxygen and light.

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