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Going for a natural, organic look? Choose rustic wood flooring

In 2012, interior design trends were heading towards more organic and natural styles. This trend for authenticity and back-to-basics charm is set to grow in popularity even more in 2013, especially in the world of wood flooring.

The organic trend in home décor and design focuses primarily on tactile elements, where the desire to touch materials is practically irresistible. In wood floors, this trend can be interpreted in the finish of products. Hand-scraped, distressed and smoked wood floors are hugely popular right now, and is this mainly because they have a stunning vintage appeal. 

Needless to say, natural materials of all kinds play a big part in the natural, organic trend. Wood floors can be seen as the essential element of the room design, with the rest of the décor being designed around the flooring. Oak wood floors and furniture look fantastic when teamed with natural stone, granite and natural fabrics, and these elements can be built up to create a textured, homely and welcoming look.

If you are redesigning a room of your home this year, you should be looking to make use of rustic, vintage pieces and natural materials to create a warm and welcoming space. Cold, clinical and minimalist is officially out.

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