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Hardwood Flooring Recommendations for 2018

Hardwood floors can suit virtually any room in your home, with a vast selection of woods and finishes available to choose from. They are durable and even develop their beauty further with age.

With the new year fast approaching, we’ve put together a selection of hardwood floors that will look great in your home.

Grande Oak Espace

This beautiful multitoned oak hardwood floor would be perfect for a hallway or entrance space. Its striking array of natural colours create quite the impression, without drawing away too much attention from other features within the room.

Its colours also develop further with age, making it become even more beautiful and striking. Oak is highly durable, so any moody boots or shoes won’t affect its condition and lifespan. Oak hardwood floors are also very easy to clean and require little maintenance.

Oak 3 Strip Rustic Grade

This light and shiny oak hardwood floor is great for creating space in small rooms. Its wax finish reflects natural light around the room, creating the illusion of space. Its 3 strip grade also helps create space, as the high density of wood pieces make rooms feel deeper and wider.

Its surface gives off a light golden glow which helps create substance in a room. It is highly durable and has a lifespan of well over 35 years. 

It is currently on special offer, reduced to only £19.50 per square meter, plus vat, and deliveries are free on orders over £425.00.

Walnut Vermont

This dark and rich walnut hardwood floor would go perfectly in any modern or contemporary living area. Its warm deep glow offers a juxtapose position to light whites, greys and cream walls. Its texture also deflects light really well, helping to create the illusion of space.

For high traffic living spaces, such as open plan kitchens or lounges, this durable material will suit well and last for years to come. Walnut is also a popular choice as the natural lines, rings and knots found in the graining add a unique and interesting design to each hardwood floor.

Jarrah Sydney City

Jarrah is an unusual style of hardwood flooring, which is highly durable and hardwearing. It is an Australian hardwood species which is becoming increasingly popular for people who want to stay away from the more traditional hardwood floors. It works well in contemporary dining areas, adding a rich texture to the room.

Its array of reds and deep oranges develop overtime as it matures, turning colours to dark burgundy and deep red shades.


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