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How can I take care of my new Junckers hardwood floor?

If you’ve just had a new Junckers hardwood floor installed you’ll want to keep it looking its best for many years to come. So how do you do this and what products are safe to use on the floor?

Your Junckers hardwood floor already has a hard-wearing finish applied at the factory, so the floor can be used straight after it’s been fitted. But if needed you can apply extra finish to the floor to either revive the floor after years or use or to protect your new floor against heavy wear.

Junckers recommend that if a floor is to be used in a high traffic area, the floor should be coated with an extra layer of Junckers Isolacquer, HP Commercial or High Performance Sports lacquer. For regular maintenance the slip resistance of the floor can also be improved with Junckers SYLVAfresh. Also if the lacquer has been worn away due to heavy use the SYLVAfresh solution will need to be applied before an appropriate Junckers lacquer is applied. It’s only in the worst cases that the floor will need to be re-sanded in its entirety before a suitable product is applied.

It’s worth noting that with all wooden flooring that it’s important to use as little water as possible when cleaning. Use only well wrung out mops and remove any water which may be sitting on the floor surface.

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