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How hardwood flooring can change colour over time

For those people who are alarmed to think that the particular wooden flooring option and specific colour they went for could alter as the years go by, this is certainly something which can be viewed in a positive light.

As wood is a living, breathing material, you can expect that the hardwood flooring you chose will be totally individual in nature, with no other floor quite like it despite it being from the same wood grouping.

This means that although you may select a light or dark style, it is true that you can expect the colour to mellow and deepen as the floor gets older. The process occurs due to the oxidation of the wood itself and the finish. It may also surprise you to hear that the same thing happens to your upholstery, painted surfaces, rugs and furniture too.

If you account for this from the outset you will begin to appreciate the rich nature of the wood and how it becomes even more stunning over time. As long as you are serious with your floor maintenance routine, you can enjoy seeing how your unique floor adapts to its environment and gives you plenty of joy in the process.

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