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How Hardwood Flooring Can Revitalise Your Lounge

If you are thinking about redesigning your lounge, or are just looking for ideas to freshen up your living space, then why not consider installing a new hardwood floor. Changing a rooms flooring can be the key to pulling together the complete look and offers a certain sort of ambiance through a style that is all your own.

In this blog posting, we will discuss how hardwood flooring can revitalise your lounge.

Types of Wood

There are many types of wood that can be used to make hardwood flooring, allowing you to choose a wood which either fits your existing style and colouring, or can help build the foundations for a complete revamp of your lounge. A Jatoba Hardwood Floor adds warmth in the winter months, through its rich dark colours which develop with age.

Or a Walnut Hardwood Floor matches well with light and creamy coloured rooms and offers cosy homely feel.

Colours and Textures

The grain and construction of hardwood floors offer striking colours and deep texture. There is a great range of different shades which can suit everyone’s tastes. Whichever wood you choose, it will become richer and deeper was age. You can also choose a variety of oiled, lacquered and waxed finishes which can offer you the perfect look to fit the size, light contrast and furniture of your living room.


Although a long lifespan doesn’t necessarily scream a revitalised room, the fact that wood is a natural living material means its develops with age. As the years roll on, the wood becomes more beautiful as its colours develop and become richer. Hardwood floors are also very durable, with their lifespan lasting decades.

Looking after your hardwood is also very easy, it requires very little maintenance with a weekly sweep more than suffice.


Hardwood floors are one of the oldest types of flooring. They have been a popular choice for craftsmen over the centuries, due to their sturdy structure and attractive nature. They have always been fashionable within the home, as they can be paired with a variety of different styles – especially in the winter months where rugs can partner hardwood to offer a really cosy feel.

They are also very versatile, and different types can be used around the home.

If you want to discover more about how hardwood floors can work in your home, take a look our types of hardwood flooring on offer.


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