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How this traditional wood can make for a great flooring option

If you have been renovating your home and now have to come up with a suitable flooring solution, Jarrah wood flooring may not be something which immediately springs to mind. This is quite understandable as this wood has traditionally been used for making such things as railway sleepers and telegraph poles.

In the past, Jarrah has also been a material associated with the boat building industry, mainly because of its hardness and durability. What this tells you is that its benefits can span a wide range of applications, so it should certainly be no surprise that it is now becoming more common for it to feature in homes as a hardwood flooring option.

Due to its smooth surface and straight graining, it is ideal for use in the manufacture of wooden floors as well as furniture and doors. However, it is not just its texture and build-quality that will appeal to homeowners. After all, its appearance is also very important, especially when it would be chosen as part of a refurbishment project.

Indeed, one of the main reasons Jarrah would make such a difference to the flooring of any room of your home is the fact that its dark brown to reddish-purple finish is simply stunning. It is so rich in colour and this will only continue to improve over time.

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