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How to avoid a scratched and damaged wooden floor

If you have had wood flooring fitted in one or more rooms of your home and are wondering how it should be looked after, treat it like it is a piece of furniture. As with an elegant chair, if it is cared for as it should, it can last a lifetime – or even longer. However, damage to the floor, such as scratches can happen if you are not careful.

When moving furniture and other items around the room make sure that it does not drag across a wooden floor with its oiled or lacquered finish as scratches and marks are going to be the only result. Instead, buy felt pads and apply them to the pieces of furniture to protect the floor.

Even just entering the room in shoes should be done with caution, as dirt can easily be tread into the floor causing damage similar to that mentioned above. A mat may prove to be a worthwhile solution in this case as people get into a routine of wiping their feet before standing on the beautiful wooden floor.

Maintenance is the final thing to consider as sweeping the floor on a regular basis will keep it looking great all of the time.

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