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How to choose the most eco-friendly wood floor

When choosing fittings, finishes and furniture for their homes, modern consumers are looking for more than just aesthetics and value for money. They also want to be as eco-friendly as they can, which means making some careful decisions.

If you have chosen wood flooring for your home, you have already taken the first step to creating an eco-friendly place to live. Wood is a natural, sustainable material, but it does need to be sourced in the right way and from the right places.

Choosing the right manufacturer

You need to find a responsible manufacturer that only uses wood from timber providers who source their wood sustainably. Look for manufacturers who adhere to all industry guidelines, and who sell products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Buy your floors close to home

Another thing you can to do to ensure that the carbon footprint from your wood floor is as small as possible is to find products that are made from timber grown near you, i.e. in the same country. This means that it won’t have been shipped for thousands of miles to get to you. You can also buy from manufacturers near you to reduce the miles your floors have to travel. For example, if you live in Hampshire, try to find a company that specialises in selling to the wooden flooring Hampshire market.

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