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How to clean and maintain a UV hardwax oil finished floor (Part 1)

In these two blog posts we will be explaining how to go about cleaning wooden floors which are used by a greater number of people, such as in public settings and workplaces.

A product such as the UV cured hardwax oil finish can provide superb protection in a range of environments – as long as the following guidelines relating to their care and maintenance are taken into account.

Firstly, you should not just rely on cleaning products alone to ensure the floor lasts a long time. Therefore, where possible, try to consider whether mats are appropriate to be used at entrances and points of high traffic so that as much dirt, grit and moisture is trapped as possible. You would be surprised how much is carried in our shoes and over time this can damage the floor unless the hardwood flooring is protected.

In addition to this, when cleaning, it is best to use a soft broom to sweep away the dirt and dust, while a vacuum cleaner is another suitable cleaning method for this type of floor.

Our next article will look at what products should be used to maintain this wooden flooring.

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