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How to clean and maintain a UV hardwax oil finished floor (Part 2)

We have recently been concentrating on cleaning different types of hardwood floor. With those that experience a great deal of foot traffic, a certain routine needs to be undertaken to ensure the floor is kept at its optimum level for the majority of the time.

As well as regular sweeping and cleaning, plus the use of mats to restrict the transport of dirt across the floor, specialist products can be used to clean the floor – solutions that are designed for this specific purpose.

One of these products is the Marldon Hardwax Oil Care System which will help to maintain the floor at all times. Be sure to only use products recommended for this floor type and before cleaning make sure that any water has been mopped up from the surface.

These floors can be sensitive to chemicals found in regular cleaners and so it is worth investing in something guaranteed to do the job effectively.

Where the floor is used more heavily, you may need to consider renovation at certain intervals. Re-oiling can be achieved using a spot of Maintenance Hardwax Oil without the need for sanding. However, a buffing machine is best to carry out this task, so it is necessary to speak to the specialists in hardwood flooring in Surrey.

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